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small dog carry case

9 Reasons To Choose Stretched Canvas

Stretched canvas is no longer the new kid on the block. It's now the 'must have' alternative to framing photos. And it's no longer a luxury item. It's an affordable part of every family's budget.

Once only available to professional photographers for displaying their gallery works, stretched canvas - the process of wrapping canvas across and around a frame - is now mainstream.

Today, you don't even have to go into a shop. Using our nifty Canvas App, you can now create a custom canvas online from the comfort of your own home.

But why is it so popular? Let's break it down.

Stretched Canvas - Traditional Collage

small dog carry case

small dog carry case

The finest of memories deserve the finest of treatment and displaying photos on canvas truly honors those memories.

Stretched canvas is such a quality product that it's hard to think it's something we can all afford.

But both the cost and the results are remarkable, making it the ideal way to honor major milestones like weddings, births and deaths as well as the everyday things we enjoy like our pets, hobbies and travels. 

We spend so much money on our wedding day. We look the best that we can be, we arrange an event with beautifully styled decorations and we hire a professional photographer to capture it all.

Then, for some reason, we simply settle for a photo album - an album that eventually gets tucked away in a safe place and only brought out on special occasions.

When you mount your wedding photos on canvas and display them in your home, every day is a special occasion. You celebrate that love 365 days a year.

Stretched Canvas - Single Canvas Print

small dog carry case

small dog carry case

You are no longer two. You are three. And what a mad three you are.

But those crazy days of nurturing a newborn are gone before you know it, so displaying baby photos on canvas is a way to treasure those memories for years to come. 

Besides, it's those little moments that help us get through the tough times. Every smile makes up for lack of sleep. Every small breakthrough - breastfeeding, rolling over, sitting up - makes up for even the smelliest of bottoms.

You have used up the storage space on your camera and your phone over and over again. You've shared a gazillion photos on Facebook.

It's time to take the next step and truly honor your little one. It's time to go canvas.

While collages are a wonderful way to display a variety of your favorite photos, if there's a picture you love above all the others, a single canvas print can be the perfect solution.

Stretched Canvas - Single Canvas Print
Stretched Canvas - Paw Print

small dog carry case

small dog carry case

Our canvas printing is so affordable, all important family members can now enjoy the honor of a portrait.

The unconditional love of our four legged friends is one of the greatest loves of all. That's why we offer this purrfect paw print collage.

Collect the cutest or the funniest cat or dog photos (or even both!) and create a customized canvas, a wonderful addition to your home or office.


Stretched Canvas - In Memorium

small dog carry case

small dog carry case

A lifetime of love includes a lifetime of photos. The wonderful thing about canvas is it provides the opportunity to create customized pieces to suit any occasion.

Unearthing photos - old and new - and transforming them onto canvas is a touching way to remember a life that may be gone but will never be forgotton.

It's not about letting go. It's about holding tight.

Stretched Canvas - In Memorium
Stretched Canvas - Single Canvas

small dog carry case

small dog carry case

There's nothing more satisfying than when the finer things in life become accessible to everyone. Once upon a time only a few of the world's elite had a mobile phone. Now pretty much everyone has one.

Until recently, only a privileged few could enjoy gallery quality canvas prints. Today, we can hop online and order a canvas featuring our own personalized selection of photos.

Sure, you can feature photographic art on your canvases if you wish, but you can also exhibit people you love and places you've been - all with the click of a mouse.

Stretched Canvas - Split Image Art

small dog carry case

small dog carry case

House proud? Love interior design? Have a creative streak? It's now possible to print your own or someone else's art to canvas.

If you love following interior design trends, we have an online gallery of over 25 million images, many of them quality art - paintings, photography, mixed media.

Whether you're a fan of modern, abstract, contemporary or ethnic art, you'll find something suitable in our collection to complement the style of your home and the color palette of a room.

Stretched Canvas - Split Image Art
Stretched Canvas - Quote Print

small dog carry case

small dog carry case

Love inspiring quotes? Don't just print them out on a scrap piece of inkjet at work. Inspire yourself each and everyday with your favorite quote mounted onto quality canvas.

Whatever mantra you live by, you can either create your own inspiring quote using Canva or search 'quotes' in our online image library.

Upload it to our Canvas App and you'll have a quality canvas delivered to your door before you know it.

Stretched Canvas - Portrait Print

small dog carry case

small dog carry case

There's no longer any need to endure the frustration of low quality giclee printers and posters.

With stretched canvas, you can safely remove, move and transport your favorite prints without fear of them getting ripped and ruined.

Just look at this example to the right. What was once no doubt a stunning monochrone poster has become worn and tired.

We've all been there haven't we? Torn corners and blu tac stuck to the wall.

It doesn't take long for a once special poster to get ruined. That's what makes canvas so attractive! Its visual appeal holds for years to come.

Canvas, while you of course still need to look after it, is much more robust - it's sturdier to mount and remount, and easier to clean.

Stretched Canvas - Portrait Print
Stretched Canvas - Single Print

small dog carry case

small dog carry case

A living area can be transformed in no time. Take a moment to look around the room you'd like to enhance.

What space is available to you?

Canvas prints come in a seemingly endless variety of shapes, styles and sizes.

You can design your own customized single print, split image print, wall display or collage.

What colors are used in your decor?

You can wrap your canvas in any color you like. Our Canvas App has a color picker, so you can cleverly match your wrapped canvas to your décor.

The creative potential is really quite remarkable. If you have an artistic streak, be sure to take some time to experiment with the nifty tools.

Here, we've chosen to make this canvas photo monochrome (black and white), but you can choose any color you like including sepia and full color options.

Stretched Canvas - Canvas Photos

small dog carry case

small dog carry case

When once we had film we now have digital. The days of film processing are well and truly behind us.

When once we gifted friends and family a photo frame, we can now surprise them with so much more.

Now, we can go onto their Facebook or Instagram page, download one of their photos and get it printed to canvas.

What a way to surprise a loved one!

Better yet, we’re not left with a collection of higgledy-piggledy frames of different shapes, colors and sizes stored in a draw somewhere never to see the light of day.

Stretched Canvas - Canvas Photos
Stretched Canvas - Wall Display

small dog carry case

small dog carry case

While frames can be pretty, printing a photo directly to canvas positions the subject front and center.

Also, as soon as we are gifted a beautiful canvas, we can mount it instantly.

And it lasts longer. We don’t have to take it off the wall to fix up mounting that has slipped over time.

We don’t have to concern ourselves with trying to make a mish mash of chipped, rusted frames look good.

Finally and at last!

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