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These underwear look very nice and washed very well
Nice & light. Great clarity.
Bought these for my dad who has limited mobility. The fabric is very thin and the bottom began to tear right away
Fit perfect
Loved the wallet
A little more room in the crotch than standard boxer briefs, but they sit way too low (below the waist) so they go up your crack if you wear them like normal.
Great hat for a great price.
Great socks!
Larger than expected
I bought this as a gift and it was beautiful, it came in a nice gift box with a pamphlet that explained it. I would but this again for myself for sure
Love the jacket. Fits well and is comfortable.
I loved this briefs when I first bought them - two months later, they are all starting to rip at the elastic band. Disappointing as I bought 6 pairs of these. Would recommend or buy again.
Great style, great grip and awesome glasses.
A few things to address in this review, but the title should say it all.

Not sure what people were talking about with the size/quality of these pocket squares. I wear one every day with my suit/jacket and these are perfect sized (not the largest squares I own and not the smallest). The material is studding and holds it fold or design.

As for the quality, some of the designs are embroidered so that you can only see the pattern from one side, this is normal for intricate threading like this. Has nothing to do with the quality.

Great value for the varied designs and have been nothing but pleased with this purchase!
Was a gift and Dad loves it!
nice red color is spot on! the words are embroidered in nice white thread. the keyring is great quality too will definitely use for marking various thingys!
Item was not in package.
Sent as a humanitarian gift to my friend in the West Indies.
My husband likes this slim wallet. It holds all his necessary items
The shorts were, or seemed like a size smaller than was on the label. The other pair I ordered (different brand) fit perfect. I'm sending these back an getting another pair of the other brand.
Fits tight need smaller head size
Everything came as expected . Love it !
The product is great quality. However the packaging was not adequate. The box that the product came in was too small and the hat was smooshed. The brim of the hat was also bent upwards.
Just like described. Glasses stay safe and clean...and it takes up little room.
Great bag, but feels a little on the cheap side. Great quality for the price. Lots of space, but still a small bag.
The product looks nothing like the picture. Instead of it cutting off under the eyes, as it should, the whole face is printed on the mask and it looks ridiculous!
I've used it everyday for over a year and I'm finally thinking of replacing it. I like that the opening is against my back. I've also had lots of compliments on it.
Its a little snug but nice.
nice, cute basic hat. For some reason this farm brand has become popular with the hipsters and teenagers - we can't figure it out, but my teenager loved getting this hat as a present.
Really does feel like a high quality, nothing seems/feel cheap. It does feel a bit weighed compared to other wallets I've had but not by much, and in a good way. It is rather large, and because of that, I wouldn't recommend to people who like to keep their wallets in their back pocket. I keep my keys and wallet in the same pocket and so far no tears or scratches, though it's only been about a week.
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