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HD Metal photo printing

custom canvas 26 x 40

HD Metal photo printing
With aluminium prints, it's easy to inject your personality into any space. Created using high quality aluminium panels, our metal prints are strong, durable and weatherproof - perfect for outdoor areas. Create customised art with an edge from any photo of your choice - the possibilities are endless!

custom canvas 26 x 40

The contemporary look of our metal prints is a statement in itself, but when you take one of your favourite photos and split it across a set of metal prints, you’ll be taken to a whole new level. Let your creativity flow and create a unique piece of art!
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custom canvas 26 x 40

If you want to tell a story with a photo collection, choosing to tell that story on aluminium prints is an excellent option. An ultra-sleek and modern metal photo print display will give your photos an edge of cool that’s sure to delight all who behold them.
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custom canvas 26 x 40

Fashion a collage that is as creative or as refined as you desire, with over 40 different metal print shapes to choose from and a vast assortment of styles and effects. Our metal photo collages, created using robust aluminium, not only achieve a sense of sophisticated cool, but are tough enough for outdoor areas.
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grandson loves them
Pretty, but just a bit smaller than I expected.
Loved it
Personal use
Look very different from the photos. Quality is not that great.
These glasses are perfectly adequate. I have always bought the popular sunglasses, including Ray Ban's because I think they look good, and they keep the sun out of my eyes. So, if want these glasses because the look good (or cool), they are good, and will do a good job shielding your eyes from the sun. I would have given these glasses 5 stars, if my eyes had not ben opened to a whole new experience wearing sunglasses. Without naming the brand, I purchased a pair of "Triple Tails" from Amazon and could not believe my eyes when I wore them for the first time! While every other sunglasses I have ever worn just seemed to make things darker, these triple tails made everything brighter, and crystal clear like I never knew possible. This is not a commercial for the triple tails (they have many other models as well), but I wanted to make sure that since I recently purchased these Ray Bans, that I share my discovery that there are other options out there. They do not carry the Ray Ban name, but if you want to wear sunglasses that make it seem like the lights were turned on and colors enhanced, then you should check out other options which also carry a lifetime warranty.
Lovely flowy dresses but shrink quite a bit if you put in the dryer. I wanted them to shrink though, so it worked out
Nice looking nice quality, packaging explained in instructions.
Might as well have wrapped the boys with an Ace bandage.
The color wasnt exactly what I was expecting. Good price
Gave to granddaughter for her birthday. She loves it
nice fit
I love it, now I want to order 2 more!
husband loves it. provides coverage for everyday use outside or at beach
As an owner of 5 Champion sweaters I can say that the Champion reverse weave sweater is a great sweatshirt, the quality of the material, the fit, and availability are what make it a great sweatshirt.

When compared to other sweatshirts the quality of the material in the Champion sweatshirt is fantastic, it is thick, soft, and most importantly comfortable. Champion moves the fabric in the transverse direction, this makes the sweater keep its shape. This technique has been used by Champion since 1934 and continues to keep sweaters shrink free. Another technique used by Champion is brushing the inside of the sweater, this makes the cotton very soft and comfortable. Another thing to note is the materials used to make sweaters, they are all made out of 80% cotton. Although this might not seem like a big deal, the high level of cotton in the sweater is what makes it so thick and warm. The quality is also what makes the sweaters last so long, a Champion sweater will last much longer than any regular sweater.

Another aspect of the Champion sweaters are their fit. Some sweaters are too tight, or some or just too loose, but the Champion sweater provides a great comfortable and breathable fit. The sweaters have two separate side panels, arm cuffs, and a cuff along the bottom of the sweater to keep it structured in all the right places. All of these aspects combine to make a sweatshirt that you can spend all day in. The combination of quality materials, and the fit adds to all the reasons of why it is a great sweater.

My final reason is the availability of the sweatshirt, you can go into almost any mall and find a Champion reverse weave sweatshirt. Due to their popularity, most stores will make sure to have them in stock. This comes as no surprise since a lot of people like Champion reverse weave sweatshirts and they are quite popular. Almost everyone knows about Champion. Over the 100 years that Champion has been around they have built a reputation of having great quality products so when people buy a sweatshirt they know they are buying quality. Champion also does a great job of having new colors and limited edition sweaters to satisfy everyone's taste.

Due to the high quality materials Champion uses to make their sweatshirts, the comfortable fit, and the wide availability, the Champion reverse weave sweatshirt is great.
Very nice purse. Love it!! Got got it early!! Very happy,!!
I had bought a couple of pair of Levi's 501's from a known department store about 5 years ago and the 2 pair I just purchased through Amazon are the perfect match. Fit and quality were identical. I'll be doing my purchases through Amazon for my Levi's Jeans from now on.
Had a similar product from before; these work a little better at staying attached.
Set well. Variety of colors nice shirts. Great value
A month in and most have a hole in them in the same spot (stitching near ankle) and can be seen with low cut shoes on. Not buying again and have thrown half the pairs away already.
The product is perfect and really cute.
Not what I expected or though, could work for some and is a nice bag. No wiggle room.
My son likes his watch
As described. Good price for good quality.
Quality packaging. Sunglasses are lightweight but seem sturdy.
I never considered myself a hat person, especially with all of the hats available to me being baseball and trucker caps. However i fell in love with this style of hat after getting into survival camping/hiking trips. i decided to just bite the bullet and order this hat despite the reviews warning of size issues and wire-brim issues, simply because i wanted it. Well i have never been more pleased with something i didn't get to try before i bought. it fits perfectly, looks and feels great! i get compliments whether i am out of a hiking trip, or going out for dinner. the wire-brim defiantly is a bit of a pain but it is nowhere near as bad as other reviewers have put it. it easily bends back to shape, i have crushed the heck out of this hat when it was on my back and i fell off a trail, and after 2 minutes of messing with it it was back to perfect never been squashed condition.
Do not remove the chin strap, it has come in useful EVERYWHERE i take this windy or not, it is nice to be able to hang it on your back when indoors, and of course comes in handy when the wind starts howling.
it doesn't look cow boyish (which is a plus for me) and is JUST different enough from the Indiana Jones hats that only 1 in 5 compliments i get on it are related to Harrison Ford's flicks.

Overall i don't think you will find a better hat in this price range. BUY IT (just make sure you know the actual dimensions of your head prior to ordering as size differs from brand to brand.
I got a pair for my husband. Great fit and look!! Will order 1 or 2 more.