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samsung personalised phone cases

Share The Love With Super Special 5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

So much has changed since the day you said 'I do', but the loving bonds that keep you together are stronger than ever.

5 year anniversary gift ideas, whether they're about growing a family or sharing adventures together, honor a significant milestone.

Fives years of life, love and laughter together is worthy of celebration, so be sure to surprise (or plan if you prefer!) a wonderful way to honor the milestone. The creative ideas below will get you on the right track.

5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Themed Canvas

samsung personalised phone cases

samsung personalised phone cases

Nothing is more important than family, so capture the best of the best family photos and create a family themed glass collage.

Printing on glass provides a fresh, fun feel so choose light, bright photos to suit.

Think of those moments you've spent outside together - at the beach, in a forest, at a swimming hole - and see how magical they appear when printed on acrylic glass.

5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Modish Collage

samsung personalised phone cases

samsung personalised phone cases

You can never spoil your four legged friend enough, but this gift is for the spouse who's totally smitten with his or her fur children.

This funky, modish design provides three frames so arrange a photo shoot for the three (or more!) of you or collect a few of your favorite furry pics and print a collage that will sit pride of place on the wall at home.

If you have more than one pet, you can use one frame for the three of you and two other frames featuring a photo of each pet on their own.

The many ways to express fur family love are endless.

You might even like to include a quote in one of the frames.

How about 'If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all'.

Or 'The sunshine doesn't come from the skies. It comes from the love that's in my dog's eyes.'

Or 'Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.'

Pawsitively perfect.

5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Modish Collage
5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas -

samsung personalised phone cases

samsung personalised phone cases

While this collage is part of our 'traditional' collection, there is nothing traditional about this idea.

Choose a sexy close up photo of the two of you kissing (or about to kiss!).

If you don't have anything recent, you could even look back at your wedding photos and zoom right in on that sensual moment.

Alternatively, arrange a photo shoot with a professional photographer or anyone you feel comfortable with to capture a moment of closeness between the two of you.

That's your image for the top frame. Then at the base of the collage include a quote.

We thought red and black was a fitting color combination, but you can decide independently what you'd like your quote to look like.

If you're a graphic designer (or know a graphic designer) you can use software like Adobe Photoshop to prepare your image.

Otherwise give Canva a try. Canva gives you the ability to easily design original images using text.

You choose whatever font style and size you like and can even customize your own background colors. It's amazing!

Print the final result on stunning brushed aluminum and there you have it - a kiss that seals two souls for a moment in time.

5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Art Print

samsung personalised phone cases

samsung personalised phone cases

The traditional gift for a 5 year anniversary is wood, so think outside the dull ornament and instead opt for an exciting canvas art print wrapped on a wooden frame.

Clever huh?

To find a picture to suit, think of all the things your wife loves then browse through our image library featuring over 20 million different prints.

Geisha art is wonderfully feminine and a perfect wall accessory for her woman's retreat.

To find the range of Geisha prints, simply search the Canvas Art library for 'Geisha art' or 'Japanese art' and you'll find something wonderful.

5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Art Print
5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Split Image Print

samsung personalised phone cases

samsung personalised phone cases

Wood is the traditional gift for 5 years together. Annoying isn't it?

To commemorate that important milestone, you could gift him an old-school hammer with a timber handle. Or not.

Will he wear a wooden watch? Will he wear a wooden ring?

Give him something that will fill his soul with a sense of adventure - a split image canvas print wrapped on a timber frame featuring an exciting image of his favorite past-time or hobby.

Perfect for the man cave. Ideal for the office. One thing that's for sure, it won't end up on a shelf somewhere collecting dust.

5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Single Canvas Print

samsung personalised phone cases

samsung personalised phone cases

With this inventive canvas, we've done the hard work for you, figuring out all the different time measures.

Alternatively, you can add whatever variations to the text to suit your own unique relationship.

To create this gift, all you have to do is use a tool like Canva and put together something personalized using whatever colors and font styles to suit your partner's personality.

You don't even need to be an amazing graphic designer to pull this off. You just need to have a good eye for visual beauty and balance.

If you're struggling, ask a talented friend to give you a hand or if you email [email protected] we can print this one out exactly as is.

This gift, when printed at the smallest size - 20cm x 30cm (8" x 12") - is a fabulous option to include a love hamper.

Other items to include in a love hamper?

Think chocolates, champagne, perfume, cheese, wine, soft toy, tea, aromatic oils - you get the drift.

And the bonus with this gift is you can share in the spoils. Genius!

5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Single Canvas Print
5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Glass Wall Display

samsung personalised phone cases

samsung personalised phone cases

If family is your world, there's no problems with getting the kids involved in celebrating your 5 year milestone.

Perhaps you've been married for 5 years, but been a family longer than that. Or you perhaps you even foster a child!

Either way, it's time to get silly because - let's be frank - the kids will barf if it's too smooshy, right?

Take some fun family photos of everyone being silly then use the most hilarious of these images to build a glass wall display.

Printing on acrylic glass is an excellent choice because it adds a fresh, bright feel to the print. This will bring out the custom quote image even more.

"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Wine silhouette collage

samsung personalised phone cases

samsung personalised phone cases

Remember that perfect weekend away you had?

Perhaps you were at a country winery, hidden away in a mountain bush retreat or romancing among snow capped mountains.

Often we share these incredible experiences together and eventually forget they ever happened.

In the day and age of digital photography, this is particularly true.

We take a photo, no matter how remarkable, and it's stuck on our iPhone or on Facebook.

To treasure them, print your memories onto a stylish silhouette collage.

To take the design up a notch, print it onto metal.

If you have five years of holiday experiences behind you, consider printing a collage series.

Simply visit our silhouette and modish collage pages and select a different template for each experience.

The result is high class decor for a hallway or bedroom wall.

So romantic.

5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Wine silhouette collage
5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Modish Collage

samsung personalised phone cases

samsung personalised phone cases

Not every day is filled with adventure. Not every weekend involves a stay at a 4 1/2 star resort. Not every year ends with an overseas holiday.

This gift is about honoring the small things that make your life together as a couple so big.

It might be flowers in your garden, walks in the park, a cup of coffee at your local cafe.

You can include photos of yourself together or perhaps just artistic close up shots of those little things that make you uniquely you.

If you like, instead of a photo, you can include a quote at the center of this modish collage template.

"You are my today and all of my tomorrows" is a quote by Leo Christopher, but you can find your own online or make up one yourself.

The classy, contemporary angles of this fabulous collage will make it a treasure to view each and every day, a great addition to a home living area.

Celebrating day to day life, in all its wonderful glory - what a gift to behold.

5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Glass Collage

samsung personalised phone cases

samsung personalised phone cases

Here's a gift that's all about worshipping the little people in your life, those beautiful beings you brought into the world together - your children.

Her kids are her world (as are you!), so here's something that honors that joy, an elegant glass modish collage featuring fun, fresh colors to complement the gorgeous, entertaining photos.

Add a quote in the center circle for an extra happy sentiment. Perhaps this one featured to the right or even 'Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary."

5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Glass Collage
5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Split Image Canvas

samsung personalised phone cases

samsung personalised phone cases

If both of you (or even one!) have a green thumb, there's no doubt you've enjoyed building your own garden of eden - a place you now peacefully potter, play and preserve.

Bring some of that beauty indoors to display proudly. This split image wall canvas is a wonderfully creative way to present a keen gardener's pride and joy.

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I bought this for my 8-year-old little girl and had it monogrammed for Christmas; she LOVES it! She's fair-skinned and blonde, so I normally put a bucket hat on her when we go to the beach. This will be a cute new look for her. I can already tell that I'll be ordering one in sea green so that she can have a pink monogram (her two favorite colors right now). She's on the small side for her age, but the hat seems to fit fine.
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Received 4
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I ordered this for my mom for a gift and she absolutely loved it.
This wallet is abnormally large ,came with wierd stains on it and loose stitching...need I say more?dont buy this wallet folks.
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Wallet/case combo, highly recommended.... the leather is high quality. Zero issues so far. Used for around a month....its a better deal if bought in a combo.... Also comes with a second elastic money strap....
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